5 benefits of implementing check-in online for your hotel

Online check-in or pre-checkin in hotels is a process increasingly implemented by hotels to improve the guest experience, reduce waiting times and obtain valuable data prior to the guest arrival.

And in the post COVID- 19 era, digitizing processes to minimize physical contact and crowds is a necessity.

For this reason, today we talk about some of the biggest benefits for a hotel when a guest checks-in online.

We will also talk about our technological solution that allows you to:

  • Digitize content and processes
  • Offer all the hotel services and facilities
  • Answer all the most frequently asked questions

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Guests prefer to check-in online

There are numerous advantages for both the hotel and the guest when opting for the online check-in option, find out below what are the five main benefits.

1.- Security and confidence

Making it possible for a guest to check-in online from wherever they are, generating greater security and confidence in these post-COVID-19 times.

It saves time for the hotel and for the guest and give the hotel valuable information about the guests prior to arrival, helping the hotel to prepare the room, offer upgrades and pre-arrival services and speed up the checkin process.

2.- Improves the guest experience

The last thing we want to do after arriving at the hotel is wait in line to checkin.

Some hotels offer a full check-in experience, allowing the guest to go directly to their room after obtaining their key card – either via a Kisok or by using their mobile phone to open the doors.

Saving guests time so they can enjoy every minute of their stay will make them want to repeat the experience.

And if they are a frequent traveller, whether for business or pleasure, being able to use the digital check-in process is a very attractive option.

3.- Promote the hotel services digitally

Promoting all the hotel services and facilities digitally allows the guest to plan their stay more effectively.

A digital platform allows the hotel to update their offerings quickly and easily and with AI.

The content can be personalised to deliver the products and services based on what they have consumed in the past, or more likely to consume based on their profile.

Ordering room service via your mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular and with up-selling and cross-selling opportunities with every interaction.

Hotels can increase their average guest spend while increasing the guest satisfaction.

 4.- Savings and sustainability

Eliminating the use of paper in the guest check-in process through online check-in and digitalisation of content makes the hotel more environmentally friendly.

Also, reduces expenses in consumables such as paper and storage.

Quick alterations to the menus at short notice is now feasible with Chef’s specials or exciting special dishes being communicated to the guests more efficiently.

5.- Productivity improvement

It also optimises staff workloads and can remove some of the burden on front line staff at a time when there are less skilled staff available due to the recovery of the industry.

Customers still place a high value on service, so the hotel industry need adapt by offering a mix of technological solutions and staff interaction.

Digitalising the most common processes allows the staff to dedicate more time to deliver the standout service the guests demand.

The best technological platform for process digitalization


At Briguest we offer you a new and exciting technological platform that is powered by artificial intelligence.

The Briguest Virtual Concierge, an intelligent multi-language platform that enables hotels to engage with guests even before they arrive.

It offers personalized content and is able to answer the most common questions.

Guests interact using text or voice with their own devices to access the hotels information and services 24/7.

There are many benefits of using the Virtual Concierge technology solution and you can try it for free! 

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