7 tips to increase revenue at your hotel


To increase revenue at your hotel, it is necessary to consider several aspects that will allow you to create effective strategies to achieve the desired objectives. 

In today’s post, we will tell you about some of the strategies you can implement to increase the hotel revenue and guest satisfaction. 


1.- Create an action plan 

An action plan can be a simple document that contains all the strategies or activities that you will carry out to achieve the goals. 

Check the calendar to find which are the best dates to create promotions or offer incentives to drive more revenue. For example. Make a note of all the different school holidays by country so you can create targeted campaigns in their language.  

Remember to review the action plan regularly to get the best results. 


2.- Know your guests 

To help you sell more, you need to connect with the guest and get to know more about what they like or in some cases – don’t like. 

More and more hotels are adopting a data driven decision strategy, and even implementing AI algorithms to help them understand their guests more.

Guest preferences can be extracted at all stages of the reservation process, from when they make the reservation, to when they occupy their room and eventually leave.

Simple guest surveys, booking portals and guest engagement platforms such as the Briguest Virtual Concierge can help you obtain your guests preferences.

Its important to make sure that all this data is centralised, or you have tools such as Microsoft PowerBI that can combine multiple data sources into one.  

One thing to remember – with data protection laws such as GDPR, it’s important that guest are always told how their data will be used and have the option to opt-out. 

Segmenting your guest market and creating targeted campaigns is an effective strategy to increase your hotel’s revenue. 


3.- Offer experiences, don’t sell

There is a wide range of hotel offerings in the market, so if you want to attract customers you must offer unforgettable experiences. It is about selling without selling. 

And for this, it is essential to offer a unique and personalized service that allows the guest to feel cared for throughout their stay.

Simple things like knowing when they have a birthday and leaving a card, or a small gift can help create long-term guest loyalty.   

Make the difference with personalised offerings 

Guests want more than just a nice room to stay in, they want to make memories and enjoy new experiences. The Concierge has always played a key role in informing guests of the best places to visit, eat and enjoy the local surroundings.

An alternative solution can be a digital or Virtual Concierge, that can also offer personalised experiences and has the advantage of being multi-language and available 24/7. 

4.- Develop your reservation systems

Today, there are a wealth of PMS’s (Property Management Systems), Channel Managers, Hotel Service Platforms and Digital Concierge solutions available.

The key is having them all integrate seamlessly and share the data between them. Too many hotels use stand-alone systems with lots of manual entry needed to keep them synchronized.

There is no excuse today for not having everything connected.

Investment in a PMS that is part of a larger eco-system of solutions such as MEWS is an investment that will allow you to sell more efficiently and reduce labour costs.  

Digitizing all your manual processes will allow you to take advantage of the benefits offered by technology to increase your hotel’s revenue. 


5.- Optimize your website 

Your web page is your shop window, and many times it is the first thing the client sees when they interact with you so first impressions count! 

Your website must be kept updated (don’t forget to remove the Christmas menu from last year) and it must be fast, easy to navigate and responsive to different device sizes.

If you get a lot of traffic that generates repetitive questions, look at implementing a Chatbot.

The Briguest Virtual Concierge can be implemented into a website and can help answer many of the day-to-day questions instantly.  

Having your website optimized will also help you to have a better presence in search engines. 


6.- Adapt to mobile devices 

Nowadays the largest number of transactions are made through a mobile device. 

It is a must that you can have contact with your guest directly through their mobile device. 

Studies have confirmed that 80% of booking requests at the last minute are made from a mobile device. 


7.- Develop your social and digital marketing strategies 

Before you implement any digital marketing strategy, update the information on your website and all the social networks that you use.  

Also, define the tone and voice of the message you are going to communicate for each platform. Instagram and TikTok messages need to be very different to your Facebook and email messages.  

Create attractive and fun campaigns on social networks to create the desire and need to make a booking to your hotel and invite them to share with their friends.  


Increase your hotel´s revenue 


As you have read in this post, there are different strategies that, if properly implemented, can help you increase your hotel’s revenue. 

If you want to know more about Briguest Virtual Concierge’s digital solution for hotels, contact us so we can advise you. 

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