Briguest has entered the Peruvian market to boost tourism post-COVID


An artificial intelligence platform that allows interaction between the hotel and the guest as if they were two human beings, is the proposal brought to us by the Spanish company Briguest with its Virtual Concierge, who has recently decided to enter the Peruvian market. 

“It is necessary to boost post-COVID tourism and that is why we have created this practical communication system with artificial intelligence tools, which allows the guest to receive an exclusive and personalized service 24 hours a day, without the need to go in person to the hotel reception to be attended,” says John Gutierrez, product manager at Briguest.   

The peruvian tourism sector is still trying to recover and reivent itself to adapt to all the changes and to continue offering the best service after the COVID pandemic.  

Currently, several hotels in the peruvian capital are beginning to value and take an interest in this emerging solution of Briguest’s Virtual Concierge, because they know that innovation is key, especially now in these post-COVID times were the client wants to feel safe when travelling. 

Briguest has associated with the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce in Spain, and as an incentive, Briguest will be  offering 3 months totally free of charge to the first 10 peruvian hotels  that decide to implement this technology  for them to test the solution.  

Briguest has decided to invest on Peru because it is a market with a lot of history, culture and tradition, taking into account that for 2022, official bodies have announced an  increase in the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) to help the tourism sector recover from the blows generated by the pandemic, and this is definitely a great opportunity to be taken advantage of.


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