Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in hotels


Considering that today, the 30th of november we celebrate cybersecurity day, we wanted to take this opportunity to mention the importance of protecting systems, networks and any other program  related to the management of hotels with artificial intelligence

Hotels count with a large number of confidential information and data which alerts cybercriminals. 

 One of the main reasons why cyberattacks occur is to obtain economic benefits. However, this might vary. Whatever the reason is, economic and personal losses are reasurred.  

This is why now more than ever it is fundamental to protect ourselves from this vulnerabilities as  we become more aware from the consequences that this  issue might bring. 


Consequences of cyberattacks


Loss of trust from guests 

Less clients will want to make a reservation in the hotel if they feel that their information won´t be protected. 

Economic losses

Because of the loss of trust generated from the guests, this might also affect the reputation and image of the hotel, which eventually might lead them to have  economic repercussions.  


 Since the word spreads easily, this might last days, weeks or even months, depending on the time they take to recover from this problematic. 

Data leakage

A cyberattack might expose any kind of data of the hotel´s guests or even cause a complete loss of this data, which brings up risks for the hotel. 

Economic sanctions

 Due to the non-compliance of current regulations which also leads to more losses for the hotel. 


Defining cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence 


Cybersecurity refers to the use of different methods in order to protect systems, networks and programs from digital attacks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a combination of algorithms with the purpose of creating machinery that is capable of completing tasks usually done by humans 


How does Artificial Intelligence contributes to cybersecurity 


Artificial Intelligence helps experts in charge of protecting IT systems and networks to deal with numerous challenges.

For example, detecting intrusions, protecting user privacy and identifying anomalies or threats. 

With artificial intelligence, you are able to identify these threats and quickly respond with tools that use global cybersecurity intelligence in real time to distribute this information to the cloud. 


Briguest Virtual Concierge – a  safe digital platform  

Our Briguest Virtual Concierge is a digital platform created with Artificial Intelligence that meets up with all the cybersecurity norms.   

As mentioned before, when we talk about cybersecurity we refer to collective methods, technologies or processes used to protect information generated from electronic devices, servers or networks. 

Every company should implement strategies that reassure a cyber-secure environment  to avoid threats like losing the data or having external users stealing important data and information that can put the company at risk.  

Cybersecurity has become a highly important matter when we refer to the hotel industry because of the amount of data that is managed internally. 

A large amount of clients uses platforms like the Briguest Virtual Concierge as a digital alternative from direct customer service in the hotel’s reception to avoid manual processes and to respect social distancing to abstain from possible COVID-19 cases.  

For this reason, it is necessary for a hotel to convey trust and safety to their guests,  to guarantee them that their personal information and data will be protected.  


Why is the Briguest Virtual Concierge a safe platform?  

Because its stored in the safest platform of the market: Microsoft Azure. 

Microsoft Azure is a safe cloud computing platform that allows you to quickly identify threats towards any system. 

Microsoft Azure has many advantages such as: 

    • They have an international team, with more than 3500 experts in cybersecurity that work together to protect information and data 
    • It´s a platform capable of storing data that guarantees security in case of any casualty. 
    • Multi-layered security provided in data centers, infrastructure and operations. 
    • It has security measures that prevent chat conversations from being impersonated by outsiders.  


At Briguest we take care of your hotel´s security! 


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