Digital Solutions: They key to generate value in the hotel industry

For many decades, the hotel industry has always been recognized by delivering exceptional support and service to their customers. This ultimately creates some sort of value throughout the experience in their stay. 

On this current year, it´s time to move forward to the next step in hotel history and break barriers to deliver an improved, updated and new way of service and support to hotel guests by using technology that helps to create a more proactive approach to provide greater value. 

One of the factors that makes guests choose over a hotel or another depends on the value that they receive in their stay. They are many ways that guests rate or asses value in their stay, but frequently, value is perceived by receiving more than what is expected. 

In today´s post we will discuss how do digital solutions contribute to generate an improved value for your guests  

 Personalization on their guest experience 

Personalization refers to tailoring an experience or a form of  communication to an individual based on their specific needs and preferences gathered by data and information provided.  

 This can be done in many ways, but without doubt, the best way to create a successful personalized experience is using different technological solutions that have the capacity to rapidly collect, store, organize and manage  customer data in order to produce a unique experience to each customer.  

Our Briguest Virtual Concierge is a perfect example on how technology enhances personalization. With our Virtual Concierge, your guests can get instant answers on any doubt or question they might have.  

Our chat-bot is powered with Artificial Intelligence, available 24/7 and uses natural language .By using Artificial Intelligence you are able to achieve personalization for your guests as it is capable of better understanding  the guests needs in order to respond to their queries in a specific way, and giving them exactly what they need instantly. 

Saving time in their stay 

When we talk about travelling, people value more their time. 

 Since they are staying for a limited amount of days, they don´t want to lose time doing any other thing than getting to know the place they are visiting.  

Technology here plays an important role, because nowadays people spend most of their time with their mobile devices, they can barely live without them.  

Using technology that allows them to do everything in their phone is convenient for them because this way they avoid long waiting lines for checkng in or for consulting any kind of  information.  

With our Briguest Virtual Concierge, hotel guests can do their hotel check-in online, uploading all  the information that the hotel usually needs (ID, credit card number etc.)  

Hotel guests value their time, and if you place this as a priority, they will remember you for not making them lose time and letting them enjoy fully their stay.  

Breaking monotony in their stay experience 

 As mentioned before, the best way to generate value for hotel guests is to receive more than what is actually expected.  

 In a hotel, guests expect a basic overall good service that has always been given in this sector. Giving guests an avergace or basic service is not good enough anymore because they expect this.   

This is why giving them a whole new digital experience will be more valuable for them because they will get instant answers on their petitions and will have more options such as: scheduling housekeeping service, choose where and at what time  they want their food to be delivered, and also the opportunity to know any other promotion or information in real-time.  

In our Briguest Virtual Concierge, any promotion made to the guest is specifically aligned to their needs that will be analyzed and recognized with the data the provide us with. 

A common example is that by using their personal data provided, you can know if one of the guests is having a birthday, therefore you can offer the option of ordering a bottle of champagne, chocolates etc.  

Also, guests usually have to be in their room in order to receive food delivery. With out Briguest Virtual concierge, they can be in the pool, and in just one click they can order their favorite cocktail! 

The goal here, is to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible for guests to be able to serve and satisfy their stay fully, with no limitations. 

Achieve higher guest satisfaction and engagement in your hotel 

Implementing innovative digital solutions in the hospitality industry, allows hotels to achieve higher guest satisfaction and engagement.  

Technology allows hotels to  efficiently use guest data in order to create a customercentric approach in all their operations, anticipating to their guests wants and needs which translate to value.  

Our Briguest Virtual Concierge is a solution that aims to place the guest at the center so they can feel at home, even when far away from home, this way guest will remember you for giving them an unforgettable experience that exceeds their expectations! 


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