Discover the Virtual Concierge – where Contactless means Contact More for the hotel

Technology innovations for guest servicing and engagement that were just beginning to roll out before the coronavirus, have now turned into technology needs as companies seek to digitalise their information and limit guest interactions during their stay.


Guest Apps in particular have become increasingly important in the way hoteliers manage the information and services they provide to their guest.


The Virtual Concierge is a guest engagement platform that uses a chatbot to deliver content and answers guest questions using their natural language.

A web-based Content Management System allows the hotel to digitalise their information, reducing the need for paper and providing real-time information, updates, promotions and much more.


The Virtual Concierge allows the guest to access self-service features such online check-in, room service, housekeeping services with integration into the hotels Backoffice systems.


The Virtual Concierge offers contactless features that turn into Contact more engagement for the hotel.


Here are our top 5 features of the Virtual Concierge, but with so much more to discover, why not arrange a demo to get a customised demonstration of all the features and benefits it can bring to your business.



We understand that every hotel is different, and the services they provide are sometimes unique. That’s why we have made the Virtual Concierge total customizable so that it can be tailored to the individual needs of each hotel.

The best way to find out about all the additional features and benefits is to request a demonstration and see them for yourself.