10 hotel marketing trends to improve the guest experience


In today’s post you will find information about some of the hotel marketing trends that are trending this 2022 and that help improve the guest experience.

Read on so you can apply them effectively in your hotel.


1. Artificial intelligence for immediate responses

Responding quickly to guests is a hotel marketing trend for 2022.

And thanks to solutions based on artificial intelligence we can achieve it.

There are also chatbots that are also customer service platforms, which do not have all the functions that a platform developed with Artificial Intelligence would have, but they are also very effective.

Nowadays, guests want to be attended in the shortest time possible and directly on their cell phones, they also want to receive recommendations of services and products to make their stay in the hotel much more comfortable and practical.

This is achieved with an Artificial Intelligence platform such as the one we have developed at Briguest, with our Virtual Concierge.

Thanks to Briguest Virtual Concierge you can also build customer loyalty, cross selling and upselling and increase the ROI of your hotel.

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2. Voice recognition and search

Communication through voice activation is a type of technology that is also a trend in hotel marketing.

It is about the user being able to communicate with the hotel through voice activation, instead of having to type their query through their mobile, tablet or any other smart device.

It also allows controlling in-room functions such as lights, music, temperature (heating and air conditioning).

3. Customer testimonials on review websites

The world of the hotel industry is very competitive and most customers, before choosing a hotel to stay at, seek to know how other guests have experienced their stay at that hotel.

Getting positive testimonials from guests on review websites such as Tripadvisor, among others, allows the hotel to generate future conversions and also build customer loyalty.

Customer testimonials on review websites is a very useful marketing strategy to generate direct profits for the hotel.


4. Email Marketing

Sending personalized emails to current or potential customers is a direct marketing strategy that allows the hotel to communicate in a closer and more personal way with customers.

This marketing action is a trend in 2022 because customers value the fact of feeling cared for by the hotel, that is, receiving personalized and exclusive communication.

You can use email marketing to offer current guests discounts for their next stay, this will allow you to build customer loyalty.

5.- Ordering room and restaurant service through the hotel’s website

Another marketing strategy to build customer loyalty is to offer personalized services through an artificial intelligence platform such as the one we offer at Briguest with our Virtual Concierge.

Surveys conducted affirm that many customers value positively that the hotel offers them what they need, when they need it.

Being able to place orders and requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is something that increases the hotel’s ROI and also productivity, because it saves time for the hotel staff.

6. Marketing campaigns with influencers

This is a marketing strategy that continues to be used frequently in 2022 because it is a great opportunity to gain visibility and increase the hotel’s brand awareness.

This results in new guests because it builds trust among potential customers.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that not just any influencer or influencer will be able to make your hotel stand out.

It is necessary to research the type of audience the influencer is targeting in order to know for sure if it is the audience your hotel wants to target, that is, if it is oriented to show your brand’s message.

7. Increase brand awareness through social networks


Showing the best of your hotel through your social networks is a marketing strategy that allows you to interact with customers and also attract new ones.

Sharing experiences, testimonials, holding contests, offering discounts and promotions is a way to generate trust in users and increase awareness of your brand.


8. Sell stays online and offer entertainment thanks to Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology widely used in hotel marketing that serves to change the way customers perceive the environment.

The use of this technology allows customers to book rooms online or be entertained through virtual reality environments.

They could, for example, see their favorite actors or celebrities through a virtual representation inside the hotel.
With such a solution, you will surely stand out from other hotels that do not offer something similar.


9. YouTube videos about your hotel

Making attractive videos with information about your hotel and publishing them, instead of just publishing written and static content with photographs, helps to attract new clients because you will capture their attention in a versatile way.

It is necessary to remember that social networks are a kind of virtual showcase that allows the hotel to attract customers if the publications have good content, that is, content that brings value to those customers or potential customers and if the photos or videos are of high quality.


10. Make personalized ads through remarketing

Remarketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to show ads to people depending on their browsing behavior, that is, according to the pages they visit and the types of products they have viewed or purchased.

When you know this information, you know a little more about the customer and you can make personalized ads to encourage them to return or continue shopping through cross-selling and upselling techniques.

Highlight your hotel’s features and show what makes it unique

Thanks to these 10 trending hotel marketing strategies you can make your hotel stand out and differentiate it from the competition.

As you have seen, technology is a key aspect that will definitely boost your hotel’s growth and make it stand out.

If you want to implement any technological solution in your hotel, such as the Briguest Virtual Concierge platform, contact us so that one of our experts can advise you.

The future is now! 


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Increase your hotel´s revenue 


As you have read in this post, there are different strategies that, if properly implemented, can help you increase your hotel’s revenue. 

If you want to know more about Briguest Virtual Concierge’s digital solution for hotels, contact us so we can advise you. 

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