Briguest’s Virtual Concierge, more than just a Chatbot for hotels

In the last years, customer service in the hotel sector has been transforming and adapting to the needs of the today’s market. 

Offering digital experiences is nowadays a necessity because users have become more reliant of technology to manage their everyday lives.   

Many hotels around the world have started to implement digital guest servicing solutions to offer a better guest experience, as is the case of chatbots for hotels 

Today we explain what a Virtual Concierge is and how you can increase your hotel’s revenue by implementing artificial intelligence technology. 

You will also discover why Briguest’s Virtual Concierge is much more than just a chatbot for hotels 

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What is a chatbot? 


chatbot is a software program that can have a human like conversation, using artificial intelligence to understand the users request and find the best response. 

One of the great advantages of chatbots is that, unlike most humans, they are available 24/7 and can typically respond instantly to 85% of the users requests in a choice of different languages.  

The term “chatbot” is sometimes used to refer to virtual assistants in general or specifically those accessed via online chat. 

In most cases, online chat programs can offer a great way to respond to the most common questions, removing the repetitive burden from staff, but most use a standard Q&A response template and do not allow customisation options or to enter into complex dialogues. 


Intelligent virtual assistants 


There are also intelligent virtual assistants that offer a higher level of customisation and automation, able to answer more complex, personalized questions. 

For example, a guest could ask Briguest’s Virtual Concierge something like “what is the outstanding amount of my bill”.

With integration into the hotel PMS system, they can get an answer automatically without having to contact the front desk. If online payment is available, then you can also speed up the checkout process, saving you from queueing up again! 

As you interact with a Virtual Concierge, you can receive suggestions for products or services with a targeted and personalized sales process. 

The Briguest Virtual Concierge stores all interaction data, helps you to understand the needs of your guest and to be able offer a better guest experience and increase the revenue of your hotel. 

When you know the needs of your customers it is much easier to meet all their demands.  


Virtual Concierge provides valuable data and analysis to predict and understand the behavior of your guests


The reports will help you know and understand the demands to offer a more complete experience.  

If the guest feels that they are getting the best attention and personalised service, they are likely to want to repeat the experience and will not mind spending a little more. 


Briguest’s Virtual Concierge, a platform capable of creating a targeted sales process

Briguest’s Virtual Concierge is more than just a chatbot for hotels


It is a truly innovative artificial intelligence platform. 

It is a multichannel system that allows you to have the Virtual Concierge not only on the web, but also in an app, on Facebook, or other popular channels. 

Briguest’s Virtual Concierge allows you to personalize every offering for a more exclusive service. 

One of the most outstanding features and differential points between a simple chatbot for hotels and Briguest’s Virtual Concierge is the targeted sales system that can be created. 

It is also possible to add to the Briguest Virtual Concierge external services or products that allow the hotel to generate more revenue 


Success stories speak for themselves 


One of the success stories of hotels that have implemented Briguest’s Virtual Concierge, has been Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino.  

In Briguest we have developed for them an action plan to establish an improved approach to the hotel’s service offering. 

Thanks to the digitalization of services, Eagle Aruba has been able to offer greater security and well-being to guests, guaranteeing them total comfort and a more contactless experience. 

This has allowed the hotel to generate more revenue. 


There are many ways to increase your hotel’s revenue with the Briguest Virtual Concierge platform!   

Contact us so we can assist you in your digital transformation process.