How to Improve Hotel Management with Automated Reports


Analyzing your hotel’s business areas with automated reports will allow you to improve management of all processes, increasing productivity and revenue.

In today’s post, we will tell you how to improve hotel management with automated reports applied to each area or department of a hotel.

Before telling you about it, let’s define…

What is an Automated Report?

The automation refers to technology that reduces or eliminates manual processes and improves results thanks to digitization or systematization.

An automated report is a report that is automatically produced through a digital platform.

This allows users to follow up and evaluate the campaigns and actions they are carrying out.

How do Automated Reports work?

In general, automated reports have their characteristics and pre-defined fields to speed up the evaluation of results.

It is a digital platform that analyzes data, it can be developed in the Azure cloud and it is based on Artificial Intelligence.

It audits data from different sources of information in a reliable way because it is accurate data that is analyzed according to the parameters we set, such as analyses by year or comparisons between days or months of different years.

Benefits of Automated Reporting in Hotel Management

  • Automated reports allow us to improve Revenue Management tactics based on rules and manuals to benefit from technology.
  • They allow us to know the indicators of the hotel industry in real time.
  • These reports already have their characteristics and predefined fields to speed up the evaluation of results.
  • Facilitate decision-making in every department of the hotel.
  • They help increase your hotel’s profitability.
  • They allow you to analyze all business areas, such as Commercial or Revenue, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Food and Beverage, among others.

Do you want to analyze your hotel’s data against your competition’s? Do you want to know what your social reputation is?

The solution is automated reports developed based on Artificial Intelligence.

Importance of an Efficient Hotel Management

Efficient hotel management is essential if we want to optimize processes and increase productivity.

Also, thanks to optimal management of the resources available to us, we increase the possibility of customer loyalty because we will be offering them a positive and rewarding experience.

However, ensuring that a guest is satisfied is a task that requires being able to control different aspects, from financial to structural, without forgetting the basis of everything, which is customer care and service.

Technology contributes to offering better user experiences as we have been able to prove thanks to our product Briguest Virtual Concierge.

Soon we will tell you more about new products for hotel management that will make your processes easier thanks to “smarts reports”

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