How to up-sell and cross-sell with Briguest´s Virtual Concierge

When mentioning cross-selling and up-selling, we refer to marketing strategies that boost up sales.

Within the hospitality sector, these techniques are highly used because they help you increase not only customer satisfaction, but also the hotel´s bottom-line.

However, to achieve these results it is very important to make correct use of these concepts, which is done by having a complete knowledge and scope of who your customer is.

In today´s post, we´ll let you know how you can achieve optimal occupation within the hotel, generate higher revenues and increase guest satisfaction by doing cross-selling and up-selling with Briguest´s Virtual Concierge.

What does up-selling and cross-selling mean?

They are terms used in the marketing and advertising sector that refer to a set of sales techniques that can be applied to different industries.

Up-selling consists of showing the clients products that are similar but suppose an upgrade.

They aren´t necessarily products that are more expensive than the one they have chosen but they do contain some sort of added value or benefit.

On the other hand, cross-selling consists in offering the client products that are complementary or related to the product they have initially chosen.

Tips to effectively use up-selling and cross-selling in your hotel


When what you offer is better, your sales will eventually increase.

Additionally, if you make the selling process more systematic, the revenue of the hotel will increase even more.

With our platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, you can offer to your guests’ products or services aligned with what they are looking for, in other words: Selling the right product or service at the correct target audience.


How to know which is the right product for each customer?


Getting to know who exactly your client is by finding out what are their preferences, where they come from, their priorities and behavior will give you enough insight for you to offer them the product and serviced adapted to their needs.

Briguest Virtual Concierge: A platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, specifically designed to help you with your cross selling and upselling strategies.

The Briguest Virtual Concierge is a technological platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize and systematize any selling process within the hotel.

This allows your hotel to gain valuable insights and information from your clients to have a strategy that aligns best with their preferences.

Additionally, you can have access to this information at any time since the Briguest Virtual Concierge stores this data so you can have a registry with information on all their past purchases.

This not only allows you to get to know your clients better, but also the information can lead you to have a more personalized approach with them.

Advantages of the Briguest Virtual Concierge as a digital online selling platform


    • You save time on training employees about cross-selling and up-selling strategies
    • Since the digital platform uses artificial intelligence to show guests different options on what they want to spend on, you will save time on negotiating with them their best option.
    • Hotel receptionists will have more time to dedicate to other tasks and they will be more motivated due to the effectiveness of the digital selling strategy.
    • You can update the various products and services your hotel offers directly on the platform to make it immediately available to your guests.

Smart Hotels with the Briguest Virtual Concierge


From Briguest, we can confirm that using cross-selling and up-selling techniques in a digital platform with artificial intelligence like the Virtual Concierge, allows hotels to sell more and it also plays a fundamental role on transforming traditional hotels to smart hotels.

A “Smart Hotel” refers to hotels that uses devices that are connected to the internet to communicate and interact with their guests or rest of workers within the hotel.

This eventually will create a more engaging and positive experience for the guest, leading to an increase in the hotel´s bottom line.

This has been shown with Eagle Aruba, our first client using the Virtual Concierge.

They have been able to successfully give their guest a much more personalized experience by offering them the option to choose a product or service that is more aligned to what they want or need.

A clear example on how to use cross selling and upselling strategy on hotels can be when guests want to order an extra pillow.

When they place this order, with an up-selling strategy you can additionally offer them a “goose feather pillow” and with cross selling you can also offer them the options to order an extra set of blankets.

In a nutshell, we can conclude and confirm that Briguest´s Virtual Concierge is here to brighten guest experience by personalizing and optimizing their stay at hotels by getting ahead of their needs and preferences.

Would you like to be part of the new Smart Hotels and use cross-selling and up-selling strategies with user-friendly technology?

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