Discover 15 ways to provide hotel guests with a memorable customer experience

If you want to improve revenue in your hotel you have to create long-term relationships with guests.

This is why we want to tell you about the 15 ways to provide hotel guests with a memorable customer experience.

The first thing that you must know is who those guests are and what are their most important expectations in a hotel.

The three most important expectations of guests in a hotel

Hotel guests will always want cleanliness, clear communication, and peaceful sleeping environments.

These are the most important factors and top priorities when it comes to guests’ expectations.

15 ways to provide hotel guests with a memorable customer experience

The best way to increase hotel revenue, attract and retain guests is to track their satisfaction over time.

It is also necessary to make periodic adjustments to adapt to the expectations and preferences of the different types of guests that may visit your hotel.

    1. Speed and Connectivity: Provide hotel’s smart thermostats, smart speakers, and smart locks. Also 5G and artificial intelligence.
    2. Transportation: expand the guests transportation options and convenience. Remember that all business travelers enjoy transportation service options from a hotel.
    1. Immediately customer service: provide effective customer service with an app-based that let guests choose preferred check-in times, ask for room service, choose to housekeep, and communicate with reception 24 hours a day, like the Briguest Virtual Concierge.
    1. VIP treatment: give VIP treatment to your guests with VIP social clubs, lounges, or tickets to a show so they can feel appreciated. A good idea is to create a loyalty program.
    1. Comfortable and luxurious designs: some guests like the “boomers” have been known to value possessions over experiences, and offer them luxury services like upgraded tours and activity packages.
    1. Customizable amenities: some guests, like the millennials, appreciate the smallest things that can be customized. For example, the beauty products in the hotel bathroom.
    1. Travel and lifestyle: offer immersion in culture, this is very important for millennials, too, to experience a new culture.
    1. Shop online: include a catalog with the hotel services and also features such as check-in options and customer service from an app with an Artificial Intelligence App like Briguest Virtual Concierge.
    1. Experience-focused customer service: if you have a Gen Zers client, you must know that they are self-drivers who deeply care about other, they are very collaborative and social, and values flexibility.  So, offer them amazing customer service.
    1. Emotional connection: Guests appreciate it when they feel an authentic emotional connection with the hotel. For this you can use storytelling in your marketing strategies, offering trustworthy information sources. Also, consider adding emotional intelligence training to your employee onboarding.
    1. Trust: that honesty is very appreciated by all the guests, but mostly for the Gen Zers. To build trust, you can create repeatable workflows so that your entire team can produce consistent experiences over time for all the guests.
    1. Eco-friendly options: most of the guests care about sustainability. If you want to be a sustainable hotel, we recommend you read: What is a sustainable hotel and what does it need to be sustainable?
    1. Partner with local businesses: some of the guests also appreciate that you buy products from local farms and family-owned shops. It can be a way to make the difference and bring small details that guests will appreciate.
    1. Create community: offer conferences or important events inside the hotel is something that will attract the event attendees’ customers.
    1. Offer multi-day events: you can create lasting memories and unique experiences by offering activities packages for multi-day events such as skiing or hiking.

Increase ROI and Hotel Revenue by knowing your guest’s profiles


Knowing the different guest profiles that come to your hotel will allow you to meet their needs and increase ROI.

In order to know who your customers are, we recommend you read: The 5 guest profiles that every hotel should know to increase ROI

Offer a memorable experience for your customers with technological tools that help you systematize the processes within your hotel and also allow you to have closer communication with them.

If you want to learn more about technology solutions to make your hotel sustainable, please contact us at

The future is now! 

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