How Digital Transformation in hotels increase revenue?


The hotel industry is known for being a very competitive market. 

 Putting a side long or short term goals for your hotels, what every hotel has in common is that they want to increase their hotel revenue 

The best way for a hotel to achieve this, is by providing efficient technological solutions.  

The key, is to center technological solutions as a method to enhance guest experience and also as a tool to make your hotel services more available and personalized to guests in order to achieve customer satisfaction that ultimately can make your hotel´s revenue rise. 

In today´s post, we will discuss how different features in a technological solution can contribute to increase your hotel´s revenue.  


AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots are rising in the hotel industry  because they are capable of instantly  responding to guest queries in their same language.  

It is a time saving way to respond to guests immediate needs and they also can be used as an opportunity to offer the hotel services and creating higher engagement since it allows you to be more attentive and available in the moments that matter the most for your guests.  

These chatbots can also be automatized to send relevant information to the guest like cancellation policies, covid restrictions, required documentation for check in etc. Which eventually increases productivity to streamline hotel processes thus having a higher revenue.  


Up-Selling & Cross selling  

With technological solutions you are also able to personalize up selling and cross selling offers. By having available guests data and information you are able to track down what are their specific preferences and needs in order ot offer them the services of  the hotel that will interest them.  

Up-selling and cross-selling is a great way to increase guest spend, for example when they want to order food to their room, you can offer the option for them to add any extras in the order (i.e extra cheese in their pizza) for a certain amount of money. Having this option available for guests by one click increases their spend, leading to higher revenue for your hotel.  


Promote third parties  

You can make agreements with different places that  are close to the hotel that can result interesting for guests to visit and promote these places through a technological solution. 

For example, if there are museums, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarket or any other installation near your hotel, you can promote these services digitally and earn commissions by making third-party agreements with them, which results as another revenue stream for the hotel.  



Dashboard of analytics to make better decisions 

By having a back-end dashboard office, you have a centralized way of viewing all data of your hotel which allows you to better understand how your hotels is running and identify problems in a faster way. 

This allows  you to respond quicker to these problems, avoiding the cost that these problems might cause. 

Back-end dashboards provide you with a lot of valuable data.  

This data can help you to create better forecast to predict demand fluctuations in a more accurate way. 

 Since you have this insight and scope of what your guests might want and when they will want it, you can decrease costs by removing services or other things that are not requested as much at the moment, thus, increasing your overall revenue. 


Focus on your direct bookings

By focusing on your direct bookings, you don´t have to spend on third party channels to book for hotel.

By using a technological solution in your hotel, you can offer the option for your guests to make online booking directly, this means you dont need to pay any comissions for external websites on handling online bookings, you save costs and increase your hotel´s revenue.  


Briguest Virtual Concierge, your perfect ally 

Our Briguest Virtual Concierge includes all these  features mentioned above. Our solutions is a perfect way not only to improve guest experience but also to cut costs in order to increase your hotel´s revenue.  

This years is the perfect time to adopt these solutions in order for your hotel to succeed, and we are your perfect ally to help you! 

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