The 5 guest profiles that every hotel should know to increase ROI

Knowing the different guest profiles that come to your hotel will allow you to meet their needs and increase ROI.

When you know who your customer is, in this case, your guest, you will be able to offer them services and products that add value to what they are looking for, want, and need.

In today’s post, we will tell you which are those 5 guest profiles that will help you to be more assertive when executing any marketing strategy.

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Find out what your guest profile is and increase ROI

To define the profile of your guest or buyer persona, you must know who he or she is.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, that is, their archetype.

To define a buyer persona, there are more than 100 questions ranging from their personal and demographic characteristics to their behavior, needs, and motivations.

So, define your guest profile and increase roi.

The 5 most common guest profiles you may encounter

Digital nomads

Digital nomads are professionals who use the Internet to perform their work, whatever it may be, from anywhere.

Likewise, they are people who change their location frequently. They are usually executives or freelancers.

Nowadays, this type of telecommuting is also known as teleworking.

A person who works from anywhere, has a virtual office and is always looking for comfort.

For example, large spaces where they can work with their computer or laptop, comfortable chairs, and, above all, peace to be able to concentrate.

In short, they are looking for comfort, practicality, tranquility, and speed.

You can increase roi if you offer a digital nomad an environment that perfectly combines work and personal in an informal way, including complementary services so that their stay working in your hotel is almost like a vacation.


Long-term travelers

These are people who travel to a specific destination for a long period, also teleworking, very similar to the profile of the digital nomad.

Being a long-term stay, ideally, you can offer this guest a relaxed atmosphere and some entertainment services in the room.

This guest profile will like to find that the hotel schedules activities such as concerts, lectures, or cultural exhibitions.



These are people who travel to disconnect and are looking for rewarding experiences.

They usually travel alone.

For this guest profile, the ideal is to offer Spa services, or you could also offer a digital catalog with the best products of your hotel, such as a pillow menu or the most exclusive dishes of the restaurant.

This digital catalog can be offered through a platform developed with Artificial Intelligence like the one we offer in Briguest, the Virtual Concierge.

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This guest profile usually stays at the hotel for business reasons and decides to stay a few extra days to get to know the destination.

This customer profile is interested in tourist activities such as city tours or any other recreational activities within the hotel, such as cultural or spa activities.



The sabbatical guest profile is the guests who stay in a hotel for long periods (months or years), generally for vacations, to disconnect and get to know the world.

For these people, the most important thing is to feel at home, even when they are away from home.

Therefore, if you want to increase roi, offering them comfort and practicality is essential.

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