How to Increase your Hotel’s Revenue with this Perfect Summer Plan for your Guests

In the hotel industry, every season has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of revenue. One of the best seasons for hotels is summer, however, revenue success lies in having a plan and taking advantage of the appeal of each season. In today’s post, you will learn How to Increase your Hotel’s Revenue with this … Read more

Discover 15 ways to provide hotel guests with a memorable customer experience

memorable customer experience

If you want to improve revenue in your hotel you have to create long-term relationships with guests. This is why we want to tell you about the 15 ways to provide hotel guests with a memorable customer experience. The first thing that you must know is who those guests are and what are their most … Read more

What is a sustainable hotel and what does it need to do to be sustainable?

sustainable hotel

  We are becoming more and more conscious of how important it is to protect the planet and implement actions such as recycling, reusing objects, using public transportation, among others. Likewise, many hotels are wondering how they can become sustainable hotel. Studies show that most guests prefer to pay a little more to stay in … Read more

How to Improve Hotel Management with Automated Reports

automated reports

  Analyzing your hotel’s business areas with automated reports will allow you to improve management of all processes, increasing productivity and revenue. In today’s post, we will tell you how to improve hotel management with automated reports applied to each area or department of a hotel. Before telling you about it, let’s define… What is … Read more

The 5 guest profiles that every hotel should know to increase ROI

Knowing the different guest profiles that come to your hotel will allow you to meet their needs and increase ROI. When you know who your customer is, in this case, your guest, you will be able to offer them services and products that add value to what they are looking for, want, and need. In … Read more