Digital Tranformation: Guests needs have changed

Digital transformation in hotels in 2022   Covid-19 has marked a before and after around the world. This has affected different business sectors, especially the hotel industry.  The hotel business model is known for focusing on providing exceptional human-interaction and being close to its guests.   For this reason, more and more hotels have seen the need to implement their digital transformation in order to continue offering a close service.   In today’s post we will tell you what are the digital transformation trends in hotels for 2022.     Software’s specialized in Big Data  … Read more

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in hotels

The Importance of cybersecurity on virtual assistants

  Considering that today, the 30th of november we celebrate cybersecurity day, we wanted to take this opportunity to mention the importance of protecting systems, networks and any other program  related to the management of hotels with artificial intelligence.  Hotels count with a large number of confidential information and data which alerts cybercriminals.   One of the main reasons why cyberattacks occur is to obtain economic benefits. However, this might vary. Whatever the reason is, economic and personal losses are reasurred.   This is why now more than ever it is fundamental to protect ourselves from this vulnerabilities as  we become more aware from the consequences that this  issue might bring.    Consequences of cyberattacks   Loss of trust from guests  Less clients will want to make a reservation in the hotel if they feel that their information won´t be protected.  Economic losses Because of the loss of trust generated from the guests, this might also affect the reputation and image of the hotel, which eventually might lead them to have  economic repercussions.   Inactivity  Since the word spreads easily, this might last days, weeks or even months, depending on the time they take to recover from this … Read more

How to up-sell and cross-sell with Briguest´s Virtual Concierge

cross selling and upselling with briguest virtual concierge

When mentioning cross-selling and up-selling, we refer to marketing strategies that boost up sales. Within the hospitality sector, these techniques are highly used because they help you increase not only customer satisfaction, but also the hotel´s bottom-line. However, to achieve these results it is very important to make correct use of these concepts, which is … Read more