Virtual Concierge: Be prepared to service your guests post COVID 19

Are you ready to serve your guests post COVID 19?

It’s true to say that every hotel has now implemented safety protocols to help guests feel more safe and secure. Many have made their check-in processes more efficient by implementing check-in services online and digitalising information through the use of the web, mobile APPs, or guest servicing solutions. And while social distancing measures stay in place, guests will continue to demand more contactless and self-service features to be able to limit the human interaction.

With the Virtual Concierge, your guests can access all of the hotel information digitally, make in-room purchases, and get all the latest news and exclusive offers straight from their mobile phone.



Suddenly something that was implemented for safety reasons, now becomes a convenience that guests appreciate.



“Guests have been wanting many of these features for years, but the hotel industry has been slow to adopt them. The old days of long queues at the check-in desk and receiving all the hotel information on paper are kind of nostalgic” says John Gutierrez, Business Development Director of the Virtual Concierge. “Having a hard copy directory in the room showing all the hotel services available is great unless you are not in the room”

Digital information is easier to manage and distribute, and the content can be kept fresh and relevant so going paperless is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the guest also.


The Virtual Concierge has a simple to use Content Management System that allows the hotel to create and update the content quickly and easily including;


Get creative with your Room Service items – you can add/remove items based on demand or even the season. Add dishes for all the holidays – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or just Burger Friday!





Create special offers and promotions. Slow day at the SPA? Send out a special promotion to your guests to boost sales.




Raining outside? Searches for “What to do” is going to soar. Be prepared with lots of hotel activities that will increase your revenue.


Keep the Kids entertained. Guests with young families will appreciate all the information on your kid’s activities. When the kids are having fun, guaranteed the parents are too – and that translates to loyal, returning guests and lots of 5* Trip Advisor reviews.


Get ready to serve your guests post COVID.

 The hotel industry is resilient, and people will have a greater desire to travel in 2021. So, while guest occupancy levels are lower, this is the perfect time to review your post COVID processes and procedures and look at technology solutions to improve efficiencies and increase guest satisfaction.


If you are looking to digitalize your information and offer a complete guest communication and engagement platform with contactless features. Look no further than the Virtual Concierge.


Book your personalized demonstration today and see all the features and benefits of the Virtual Concierge.

Written by: John Gutierrez’ Virtual Concierge Business Director