Virtual Concierge: Fast & Safe Check-in and Check-out

The use of technology has greatly assisted hotels to manage many of their daily tasks and activities as companies seek to limit guest interactions and do whatever they can to ensure a safe stay.

One area that has undergone a technology overhaul is the guest Check-in and Check-out process as hotels look to online solutions to simplify the tasks and offer more engaging and personalised services.

While the information needed to Check-in changes from country to country, the basic needs of the hotel are very similar.

The Check-in process normally involves the front desk agent had to;


  • Obtain and verify identity documents
  • Verify the booking information
  • Fill in the guest registration form.
  • Get credit card information and process payments.


This can be painfully slow and with Check-in and Check-out times being fixed and social distancing measures in place, this can cause long queues and frustration for the guests and staff alike.


However, much of this can be avoided by implementing an online Check-in and Check-out solution to simplify the guest’s arrival and departure and increase hotel staff productivity and guest satisfaction.


“Airlines have been using online Check-in for years, with travellers more than used to them by now. “


The Virtual Concierge Platform includes an online Check-in portal that helps to streamline the process and improve the relationship with your guests.



Here are 5 reasons why an online Check-in for hotels is a must.


1) Guest convenience

When guests arrive at the hotel, they do not want to waste unnecessary time waiting in line to Check-in. With online Check-in, guests can enter all their information in advance from their laptop, tablet or mobile whenever and wherever they prefer. Whether your guests are millennials, business travellers, families on vacation or seniors, everybody is in a hurry to get to their room and start to enjoy their stay.


2) It reduces Check-in queues

With social distancing measures in place, online Check-in helps to reduce the number of people waiting in the hotel reception area or lobby – making for a safer environment. They have probably spent many hours travelling to the hotel so by offering online Check-in, you give a quicker way for your guests to start enjoying their stay.

3) It helps to make your staff work more efficiently.

An online Check-in integrated into your Property Management System gives the hotel a way to gain valuable time at the front desk and improve the efficiency of your staff. This means they can deliver more relevant and customised information which helps to set your brand apart from its competitors.


4) It enhances the guest experience

The guest experience should start well before they arrive at the hotel. Guests want to feel special and know they are going to receive the highest level of service possible. The pre-arrival engagement the online Check-in offers will help you gather vital guest information that will allow you to deliver a standout service. By providing technology that is simple and easy to use from the start, the hotel sets the tone for the rest of the stay.

5) Contactless Check-out

While the Check-in process in many cases requires human interaction, the Check-out process is much easier to turn into a contactless process. By allowing the guests to pay their bill in advance or online, the online Check-out can facilitate the guest’s departure and again help to avoid lengthy queues. When thinking about the guest experience, remember that the hotel Check-out is your last chance to impress the guest!


The Virtual Concierge Online Check-in is available as a stand-alone product and can be branded and configured to the needs of the hotel. If you are interested in finding out more about this, or any other feature of the Virtual Concierge, you can request a no-obligation demo by contacting us.